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Restoration Project
"Marty Busch is the first person I call when I need something done with my piano. I'm completely satisfied with his work and really appreciate his honest business ethics."

--Peggy Miller Sheffer

Custom Built Piano Bars by Busch Music

Busch Music is excited to offer a brand new service to the lineup – custom built piano bars for your home, restaurant, lounge, or place of business!

Ever think that your home bar is lacking character? Want a piano for your existing restaurant or hotel lounge but can’t give up the table space? Want something that nobody else you know has? Busch Music has the solution: A custom built piano bar!

Q: What’s a ‘piano bar’? Isn’t that a place where I go to hear those guys play Billy Joel songs for tips during a bachelorette party?
A: No – that’s a bar which features piano players as entertainment. Busch Music builds custom piano bar furniture – a fully functioning grand piano with a custom built top. It is designed to be played while patrons or guests gather around the piano and have a great time!

Q: I already have a grand piano. Do I need a new piano?
A: No! Marty can retrofit a custom piano bar top to your existing piano. In fact, many people prefer this idea as it allows them to keep the exact same piano that they have enjoyed for years.

Q: But I can’t play the piano. What fun is that?
A: Busch Music has the answer – Marty is a certified PianoDisc dealer, meaning he can install an automatic player system in your piano for the complete piano bar experience.

Q: There’s a piano at my grandma’s house that needs a lot of work to be in playing condition. Can you help with that?
A: Marty is a seasoned piano technician and specializes in returning pianos to their original glory – with or without custom bar tops. In fact, see what some of his long-time customers have to say about his work.

Q: My friends don’t like music or fun. What do I do now?
A: Perhaps a custom built piano bar can help you find friends who do like music and fun! Busch Music can supply everything but the friends. We even have connections to pianists for hire to play your piano for you at an upcoming piano party.

Q: What do I need to get one of these?
A: It’s simple – contact Marty and tell him you’re interested. Each bar is custom built to your specifications. The amount of cosmetic or mechanical work done to your piano is entirely up to you. Busch Music even has bar stools of the appropriate height available as part of the package.

Piano Bar Closeup

Also be sure to ask about the upright piano version of the custom piano bar. Slightly less aurally interesting, but still extremely conversation-inducing.

The two main reasons a piano goes out of tune: humidity changes and time.

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