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Restoration Project
Marty has been providing outstanding piano service for us for the last 12 years!

--Phil Stiemke

Prairie du Chien, WI High School Choir and Drama director

Piano Tuning
“When Marty tunes a piano for me to perform on, I hear clear tones in the treble, in tune octaves in both the treble and bass, and stability due to his technique. I would recommend him for any type of piano service!”
–Chuck Bregman, professional pianist, Dubuque, IA

“Marty has been providing outstanding piano service for us for the last 12 years!”
–Phil Stiemke, High School Choir and Drama director, Prairie du Chien, WI

“Marty is my favorite piano technician. He regulated and tuned my Steinway with beautiful results and continues to tune and voice my piano as needed.”
–Geri Goodman, professional pianist, Dubuque, IA

“Marty takes pride in making sure the pianos sound great for any performance in our school district.”
–David Murphy, Choir Director, Lancaster High School

“Marty Busch is the first person I call when I need something done with my piano. I’m completely satisfied with his work and really appreciate his honest business ethics. He is very experienced and knowledgeable, a top-notch piano tuner, and really gets a piano sounding its best. Last year I bought a nice upright from a private owner and, even though I didn’t purchase the piano from him, he moved it to my home with great care, took the time to tell me about my piano, and tuned it beautifully. He also installed a humidity control system that really kept my piano in tune through this past Wisconsin winter. If I am ever able to upgrade to a grand piano, I will go to him first!”
Signed, a very satisfied customer,
Peggy Miller Sheffer

Installing a humidity control system can extend the life and tuning stability of the piano.

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